How to stick to your New Year's resolution to get fit

How to stick to your New Year's resolution to get fit

Have you seen Nike’s new ad campaign? The one that catches you off guard as the woman rambles off numbers and words, each getting more ridiculous than the last. As it comes to an end you realize that she has something to say: the time we spend scrolling through social media, judging ourselves while judging others, and consuming content otherwise irrelevant to us, is time we could put to better use: getting moving.

“Working out” isn’t for everyone - despite being active, it’s taken me years to finally go to the gym without overwhelming dread and fear of boredom and embarrassment. I think we each reach a point at different times in our lives where we realize that in fact, our bodies are getting older and aren’t going to feel, look, move the same as they have before. Getting older means getting less strong, less flexible and most importantly to me: less comfortable. Having always been active whether it be dance or sports, I can’t imagine a life in which I have trouble getting in and out of the pool, picking up the dog or being able to carry my own suitcase while traveling (although I am a firm believer that you only pack what you can lift!). So for the first time in my life, my motivation to get moving is fueled by a reason other than weight loss: having the strength and stamina to live a long and happy life. Sure, my clothes fit better and I feel less guilty indulging in that glass of wine or dessert, but aren’t those great side effects to exercising on a regular basis!

As many of us embark on a new year’s resolution to get healthy and fit in 2017, here are my top tips to help you stay committed and dedicated this year. Please share this post with friends looking to get moving in 2017 or if I’ve I missed something that has worked for you, please leave it in the comments below!

  1. Start somewhere

  2. Be ready for trial & error

  3. Schedule it in your calendar

  4. Find a buddy

  5. Give yourself a goal

  6. Reward yourself

  7. Try something new

  8. Get the gear

  9. Get outside