My kind of vacation destination

Imagine yourself at a cottage… except you are on the beach. In Jamaica. With staff to help with cooking and housekeeping… Daily routines include (but are not excluded to): morning meditation, walk (or run!) on the beach, dip in the ocean, breakfast, swim, read, swim, read… and repeat. You’re right: it doesn’t get any better than this!

Our 3-bedroom villa on the ocean was the perfect private retreat. With the sun shining bright every day and the ocean rolling in the background, there is nothing to interrupt you from taking what we all not-so-secretly crave: a true vacation with equal opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.

This low-maintenance type of holiday was what everyone in my family needed. I literally could have put my bathing suit and books in my purse and been packed for the week. Your suit was the first thing on in the morning and the last thing you took off at night - we didn’t wear half of the things we packed (but we did read all the books!). It was like being at the cottage where you spend all day in your suit and take a dip in the water instead of a shower to wake up in the morning - that’s my kind of living!

And no need to use the internet, TV or A/C when the gardens and beach provide an opportunity for reflection and inspiration. Furthermore, if you’re like me and have a passion for conserving energy and resources, this is likely the most sustainable and ecological retreat you will meet. After a quick trip to the grocery store and market, the cook has everything she needs to provide you with fresh flavourful meals - and not an ounce of it goes to waste. What isn’t eaten is packed in the fridge and available for late night snacks or early morning bites (making it a lot easier for me to sleep at night instead of seeing leftover food be taken away just to be thrown out).

A year ago I may not have been able to wrap my head around renting a private house on the beach - what were we going to do? Where were we going to go? But sometimes the best time you can spend on vacation is with yourself (in between, of course, time with your family!). I highly recommend giving yourself an opportunity to try a low-key getaway to truly understand what it feels to take a break.

What to know before you go:

  • Book Worthyview through - they can also help with reservations and transportation for offsite excursions

  • Meals are planned with the cook making this an ideal way to travel for those with allergies and dietary restrictions

  • The back of the house opens up to the ocean and a private pool with the beach just a short walk away

  • Transportation and excursions (including the airport) are easily booked with Silversands

  • The house is located within a gated community of vacation homes

Who knows, if all goes well, maybe this will be where I escape to to write my first book!