How to prepare for holiday hibernation

How to prepare for holiday hibernation

When it rains it pours, but in today’s case, it’s snowing. And I really couldn’t be happier! Does it challenge the popular opinion to say that I’ve been looking forward to winter finally arriving?? To me, snow equals Christmas, snowboarding, crisp refreshing runs and cozy-nights-in with hot chocolate. It’s an opportunity to refresh and refuel not only to prepare for what’s coming in the new year but also take time to unwind and appreciate everything that came with 2016…


But we aren’t quite there yet! The last couple of weeks have been tough with the time change and weather change and I’ve had to dig down deep to get through everyday. The radio reminded me today we have 41 days until the end of the year which was the kick in the ass I needed to get up and get going as the days continue to get shorter and colder. Here is my plan to stay motivated as we head into the depths of winter and the holiday season and I prepare myself to hibernate this winter. Christmas is, after all, only 34 days away!!



No use waiting until 2017 to get started. Whether a walk or a run, yoga or a gym workout, I can’t let more than two days pass without exercise or I’m a mess. For me, it’s a much needed mental break where I can disconnect and separate from the world. Needless to say, this will also help with my plan to eat whatever I want over the Christmas break including, but not limited to, wine, my favourite rippled chips, good cheese and ginger cookies!



I’m notorious for trying to take on too much in a day especially first thing on a Monday, which does not set me up for a successful week. As a result, my plan is to check one thing off my list each day instead of trying to tackle everything at once.



I read a great article about creatives in which a writer spoke about the importance of staying consistent in your creative field. I hit a bit of a roadblock in past weeks and realized that without working in good habits, being consistent and making time to write on a regular basis, I wasn’t making blogging any easier on myself. My goal: to write for 30min a day. Stay tuned, I could get a jump start on 2017 and a lot of great content could be coming your way!


Wrap it up

As I mentioned earlier, Christmas is only 34 days away, and as much as I’ve been thinking about it, I haven’t actually done any shopping yet! It’s time to get started especially with all the great sales coming up this weekend. But first things first: set expectations. No one ever gets all their Christmas shopping in a day (let alone a week!). Make a list and see what you can buy online first to avoid the crowded malls!


Make space

There’s no time like the present to do clear out unwanted items out of your home. I’m in the middle of de-cluttering my own home and can’t wait to be done - who knew you could store so many things in 700 square feet! Given the time of year, it’s a perfect opportunity to set up shop on eBay or to donate to your local charity. You’ll feel better going into the new year with a clean space (and room for some new gifts perhaps?!).


At the end of the day, it ain’t over til it’s over. Regardless of your profession, there is still time left to be of service at work and at home in your community. For me, that means I still have 28 business days to put my head down and work to achieve my annual sales quota and set myself up to hit the ground running in 2017. It also means, there are many opportunities to give back for the holidays.


If you found one tidbit of information helpful, please share this post with someone you know who is looking for some suggestions on how to prepare themselves for their most peaceful, guilt free,  holiday hibernation yet!