A designer worth her weight in gold (& silver!)

A designer worth her weight in gold (& silver!)

Growing up, I remember every fashion season I would have the opportunity to browse new clothes, pick out my favourite fabrics and place my order without having to spend a dime (good thing since I was 8 and didn’t have a job or an allowance). Spoiler alert: my mom designed and made children’s clothing and it was a good thing because at that age I would only wear leggings for bottoms and swore I would never wear black and white since they were, in fact, not colours (clearly, things have changed). Modeling in a fashion show here and there was nice perk too!


Looking back, I realize my mom was a #girlboss before we had the internet let alone hashtags. She was raising two kids, working from home and running a business. And like all true entrepreneurs, when my brother and I flew the nest, she saw an opportunity to refresh, refocus and refuel her creative talents. She uncovered the world of jewelry and her new venture came to life: Klas squared.


Once I moved back home after university, it was like I was 8 all over again: I had access to new jewelry that could be customized to my size at no cost! I started working and realized how perfect her stuff was for a business professional and wanted to get more involved. Having learned from a couple of fashion courses, writing Kiki Petite Style and flipping through countless magazines (the stacks of issues I own is borderline embarrassing), I took on the task this fall of owning content creation for Klas squared. I contribute with blog writing, social media management and fashion styling while also being a walking/talking model and ambassador for her brand!


While her jewelry is beautiful and includes a variety of perfect day-to-night pieces, her focus and commitment to her clients is what’s truly admirable. When her new website went live this month, she launched the #WearYourPower campaign: an opportunity to recognize powerful women and award them for their leadership. Head to the site where you can nominate a woman who has led you effectively and authentically to seek the best in who you are. (And while you’re there, you might as well take a browse and do some shopping!).


But I guess it wouldn’t be fair to nominate my mom for her company’s campaign so this post is a testament to her instead. To see her business grow from open houses & parties, to events & conferences, to an online store with a purpose to share a bigger message is truly inspiring. Having a #momboss is really what it’s all about.