How to travel on your own

I was swimming at The Lido enjoying the fresh water cooling down my body after days spent in the hot hot Italian sun when I felt a sharp, cutting pain on the bottom of foot - I thought I had stepped on a piece of glass. I thought I’d better get out of the water and fast because the pain was swelling with every step. I looked around to find that no one was there to tell or to help - it was the first time on this trip that I noticed I was alone.

It was two years ago when I set out to do something two years earlier I wouldn’t have even fathomed: I traveled alone. I was itching to cross the pond and experience something new and found myself in Italy for a 10-day adventure I’ll never forget. From Venice to Verona and eventually Milan, I think I even surprised myself by finding the courage and confidence it takes to travel by yourself. And what may have been even more surprising is how much I loved it - the time and space to discover not only the things around you but things about yourself. That trip came at a time when I was looking to get out of my comfort zone, take a serious break from my very serious job and to find inspiration for a new project which became my blog.

That trip kicked off a pace of personal growth I’ve never experienced before. If I could get around a foreign country and through language and cultural barriers without anyone to show me the way, who knows what I’m capable of doing! Last year in Tokyo and Berlin, I found I looked forward to the times where I was solo and could take in everything around me at my own pace without interruption.

Want to give traveling alone a try? Here are my must-know tips:


Use a travel agent

This way you always have a bed to sleep on and someone to take ownership if something goes wrong.

Plan ahead

It helps to have an idea of what you want to do in a day for two reasons: to avoid missing out because of closures and not being stuck at a public transit stop late at night.

Put your phone away - use a map

Isn’t part of the fun getting lost and finding your way?? You’ll leave with a better understanding of the city and its culture if you make like Joey and go into the map.


Keep records of thoughts, ideas, inspiration and where you ate, shopped, etc. - it’s must easier than trying to remember it all!

Say hello

Don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with your server, the concierge or anyone else you may encounter. They hold the keys to secrets of the city!

Where’s your favourite place to travel?? I’m currently taking recommendations on where to fly solo next; please leave your suggestion in the comments below!