Au revoir, à bientôt, see you soon!

Au revoir, à bientôt, see you soon!

Today’s blog is bittersweet as I close a chapter on my long winding path of self discovery. Kiki Petite Style was created/born at a time when I was craving something creative, deeper and more meaningful. I defaulted to fashion after taking an interest in my mom’s jewelry business, channeling my creative energy to fashion styling and curating my wardrobe. But it wasn’t long before I was overwhelmed trying to stay on top of photo shoots, social media posts and my newsletter (let alone writing the blog!). I struggled to keep up with expectations I had set upon myself (courtesy of the blogosphere) and found myself more anxious about this project rather than enjoying it and its process. As I continued to write more and worry less about hashtags and likes, I found myself uncovering a new interest: writing. Even better, people were telling me that I was good at it! I continued writing about whatever I felt, thought or experienced and found more engagement from my readers. But the pressure to keep up, to keep going, to share my message to reach a broader audience continued to build. The anxiety built and the tummy aches weren’t going away.

My full time job requires a high level of involvement and not only during business hours. Trying to balance a project in a completely unrelated industry proved to be more challenging than expected. Whenever work got busy, the blog suffered and it frustrated me to no end that I couldn’t be consistent in providing content to my readers and the pressure of keeping up with social media continued to build. I was learning that living two lives wasn’t sustainable and I needed to make a decision: to blog or not to blog.

I spent months thinking and reflecting on Kiki Petite Style and Kirsten Schmidtke: were they one and the same? Could one live without the other? Was it possible to blend these worlds together to continue to work towards my goal of being an influencer? Although fashion had slowly disappeared from my blog, it continued to be a part of my every day inspiration and was becoming part of my personal brand - people were associating me with style. And I continued to receive praise for my writing with continued success as a young professional. The path was clear: establish my personal brand and continue to share my thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Although this means the end of Kiki Petite Style (for now), I’m not giving up on the world wide web just yet! will launch later this year and it’s important to me that we keep in touch. Please follow me on the social media platform that best suits you and I look forward to continuing to hear your feedback. Thank you for your support!

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