Your new favourite app

I had a really great glass of wine at a friend’s house and later I asked her to share the details with me. She sent me a photo of the bottle as a reference but when I got to the store I realized that just a name wasn’t going to get me very far… You know how many bottles of red start with a J?? I knew there had to be an “app for that” and sure enough I was right - thank you LCBO! For my non-Ontario-Canada friends, that’s the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, who until recently, had a monopoly on selling alcohol in our province (though they do a great job with their stores - you want to buy everything!). However, last year we saw alcohol available for sale in the grocery stores and it looks like the LCBO has stepped up its game as a result. I was a fan before, but the updated one is So. Much. Better. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by my best kept app secret (but be warned, your New Year’s resolutions could be compromised…).

Search - With three options to choose from, you can search by keyword, item number or UPC and you’ll have all the info you’ve ever wanted: price, style, description, sweetness, etc. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Save - Once you find the wine (or booze) of choice, tap the heart and boom - you’ve saved it to your favourite list in the app for future reference.

Share - While on your product of choice, tap the share button to quickly send via text, email or your preferred social media platform.

Stock - Once you find your item, it will give you real time stock levels on the store closest to you with the red or green dot identifying their open status.

Solve - Find the next birthday, holiday or dinner-guest gift by browsing their buying guides for everyone from The Beer Geek to The Bar Chef.

Why not celebrate this blog (and the long day's work) by sharing it to social media and downloading the app? (Or enjoying a glass of wine??) Cheers!