A letter from Jamaica

We arrived Monday to a lovely house on the beach with a view of the ocean that goes on for miles and miles. You can’t help but rise with the sun in the morning after a day of reading, swimming and beaching all combined with delicious Jamaican food, a token cocktail and some good old fashioned quality-family-time. But in between all of that are moments of solitude where it’s just me and the sound of the waves breaking on the beach while millions of thoughts and ideas run through my mind (it could be a result of the three books I'm reading right now).

It’s been easy to let go and disconnect from work and it has left me with time and space to think about other things: mainly my blog and how it’s time to take it to the next level. (The irony being that I still feel the pressure as a blogger to be online which hasn't given me the complete digital disconnect I likely need.) 

For over a year and a half I’ve been reinventing kiki petite style by changing the layout, the content, my strategy and focus. What started as a fashion blog has evolved to a place where I empty my thoughts on any topic into a (hopefully) readable format. I find myself constantly immersed in fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines and podcasts learning new and interesting pieces of information I want to share with you - but I continue to run out of time to put all of my thoughts into words and I'm never sure how to prioritize topics for my readers. 

As I’ve worked to stay committed to creating new content on a regular basis, I always find myself pulled in too many different directions. I feel as though it is time I take a step back and really understand the purpose behind my blog and how it is impacting my readers. I want to improve on being consistent in providing quality, thought-provoking content that relates to my readers. But before I make any changes this time, I need your help. I want to hear from you: What have I done right? What could I do better? What information do you find useful and not so useful? Was there a blog that caught your attention more than the others? Are there other topics you’d like to see on the blog? Any and all comments are truly appreciated so please leave your feedback in the comment section below or email me at kikipetitestyle@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon!