All you need is love

Sundays were made to refuel and recharge. An opportunity to enjoy the things that make you happy without the interruption of a phone call, email or the desperate need for sleep after a long day’s work. For some that may mean sleeping in, catching up on a good book or getting in a good workout. But what if your Sunday could top all others by filling your buckets in a way that had the ability to last much longer than a good movie or brunch with your friends? What if, in fact, you surrounded yourself by a group of strangers and set out to celebrate the one thing that matters most in this world?

After an early spin class and with a thunderstorm looming, I had resolved to give up on the day and hang out at home. But after a chat with a wise woman (also know as my mother), I knew I’d be pissed if I didn’t make the most of staying in the city; especially having given up a weekend by the pool at my parents house. A kick in the butt got me moving because I knew there was somewhere I needed to be; I had no idea what to expect as I headed out on this adventure solo but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The storm passed, the rain stopped, and the crowds gathered to watch Justin Trudeau lead the Toronto Pride Parade. The energy was magnetic and infectious without pretense or privilege. It was as though you could feel the spirit of everyone on Yonge Street as your heart and soul absorbed everything it could. I stood there with a permanent smile on my face as I watched people go by and was overwhelmed with pure love, joy and pride for my city, my country and my family.

I may have showed up alone but it wasn’t long before I had made friends who ensured I had a front row seat (and insisted I join them in the same spot next year). Through the hundreds and hundreds of people I managed to find my brother marching by and I could tell by his face that he was thinking the same thing I was: this is incredible.

I left the parade with a sense of contentment - something I don’t often feel on a Sunday when I scramble to get ready for the week ahead. I had experienced something that left me feeling energized and fulfilled but also open and aware of how much one small thing can make a difference. After all, all you need is love.