What is Style?

I’m back, baby - and celebrating my first birthday! Kiki Petite Style has been on hold for the last month while I took the time to reflect and refuel to come back better than before.

I started this blog to explore fashion and to find my personal style after being inspired by a fashion styling course and designer mom. I followed every page of Who What Wear’s ebook How to launch your blog, listened to everything I learned at Create + Cultivate, followed all my favourite bloggers (Man Repeller, Garance Dore) on every social media platform, and did my best to create content that I thought people wanted to read. As time went by, I felt the only people reading or reacting to my content were my family and friends who might as well be family. I was constantly struggling with how to reach a broader audience - how do I find more people like me?? That was, after all, one of the reasons I started the blog in the first place. I took time to focus more on social media channels to try and recruit followers but at the end of the day, content is king, right? (As long as you use those social media platforms to distribute your stellar content!).

Six months in, I tried to rebrand and recreate the blog but kept hitting the same road blocks. Call me a slow learner, but all of the sudden it hit me: I was trying to create a blog for a life that I wished I was living, not the one I was experiencing day to day. I realized that I had something to say, something to bring to the potentially infinite universe of the world wide web. Because, guess what, no one is like me - and no one is like you. I realized this blog was an opportunity to share my experiences, my ideas, my opportunities with an audience who may just find what I have to say interesting, worth sharing. Many find it difficult to connect the dots when they hear I grew up in Canada, moved to the U.S. to travel as a dancer, teacher, performer, finished my education in Biochemistry while co-owning a business and now work as a sales professional in Toronto with a fashion blog on the side. (WTF may be the acronym of choice here) but what I realized is I’ve done all those things my way, in my manner, in my style. Style: a manner of doing something. It hasn’t always been pretty, but I work to apply my individualism to everything I do. By sharing the good, bad and the ugly of how I live day to day in an effort to be a little more organized, a little more successful and a little more happy, I hope you can pick up a tip or two to help live your best life in your best style.

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