Diane von Furstenberg: the designer you need to know

Diane von Furstenberg: the designer you need to know

After meeting Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress there was no turning back. I bought it at a consignment store on our first mother-daughter-New York City trip and the purchase of two new ones quickly followed. My wrap dresses have become a staple in my wardrobe and essential for my workwear style. I believe they are the perfect item to add to yours.  After falling in love with her designs, it wasn’t long before I learned that:

  1. If you know anything, you refer to her as DVF
  2. She practically invented the wrap dress in the 70s which was revolutionary for women’s fashion
  3. At the beginning of her career she designed her jersey fabrics and had them customer created
  4. Her book, The Woman I Wanted to Be, is a great read
  5. DVF designs go beyond the wrap dress and always provide a flattering cut

As expected, I started following her on every social media platform and identifying with the every-day empowered woman she as in mind with every design. Last Christmas/NYE I spent watching her show on E! where she went through the process of selecting a brand ambassador and saw her tough cookie business woman portrayed in real life. After watching the show, which was filmed at her flagship store/office/loft apartment residence in the Meatpacking District NYC, we decided it would be a destination on our next trip.

The store was fully stocked with her fall collection as we browsed (read: drooled) over every piece, a very distinct voice came from behind the display… My mom and I looked at each other wide-eyed as we heard it again and recognized its familiarity. Without us saying a word we had had a full conversation and sure enough Diane von Furstenberg walked right past us and through the store as she discussed with her team in preparation for her New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 fashion show which as to take place two days later. I peed my pants a little, my mom figured she’ll never get closer to God. Either way, our trip was complete and we knew we could leave New York City fulfilled.

Although she recently passed creative direction to Jonathan Saunders, DVF remains active in the fashion industry as the chairwoman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and continues to recognize women in the community with the DVF Awards. This is the woman who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk - in her most fabulous designs, of course. Shop my favourite picks from her fall collection and let me know which piece is your favourite!