Why you should go to the library

Why you should go to the library

I’m addicted. It’s as though in the last year I realized that I’d been missing out. Was it possible that there was such a thing as a guilt-free indulgence? All this time I thought I was well informed, well educated and well equipped to take on the world but when you open your eyes (and mind) to the world of books, the options are endless.


I always did well in school because if reading the book meant being successful in the class, consider it done. I never found it enjoyable or easy let alone a way of escaping reality. Further, in the past I’ve picked up fiction almost exclusively without giving any consideration to books with fashion, career and life advice. As I’ve started to look for new books to read, I feel so far behind - so much to read in such little time! Reading more made its way into my life without any type of New Year’s resolution or adjustment to my routine. And in order to keep it up, I’ve tapped into one of the oldest (and largest) resources at my disposal: the public library.


I can’t believe the number of people I talk to that are surprised to hear I get my books from the library - I think they’ve forgotten it exists! On the other hand, I have friends who are also drawn to the childhood magic of the building; the look, smell and feel of the books not to mention the unlimited access to any and every book you’ve ever wanted to read! Here’s a reminder why the public library needs to be your first stop for literary inspiration:


It’s free: Put your credit card away and pull out your library card. Even if you pay a fine every once in awhile for a late return (we all do it!) you’ll still save money in the long run.

Endless options: You never have to feel guilty or disappointed if the book you chose wasn’t what you expected or not your to your liking. Just return it and pick out another one!

Read your way: Whether you like print (my favourite), digital or audio, the library has got you covered.

Stay committed: For me, a deadline is everything - it keeps me focused and motivated. And the faster I read, the more books I get covered!

Keep it clean: In an effort to have less clutter, I committed to having less stuff in 2017. Going to the library keeps my bookshelf, desk and closets well organized and clutter free.

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