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Being a blogger is hard. I set out on this path a year and a half ago without a defined plan but with the purpose to try something new, challenge myself creatively and possibly find something I loved along the way. In the meantime, work, travel, and life in general would interrupt my momentum. But in the end, those are all just excuses. What held up my consistency and regular blogging schedule was all in my head. As I tried to keep up with what others were doing for ideas, inspiration etc., I found more often than not I was left comparing myself to everyone instead of getting down to work. I’d get off Instagram or Pinterest feeling like I was behind, lacked the right quality photos, and that no one was ever going to read my blogs except for me and my family (thank you Grandma!).

As part of my New Year’s resolution I decided I was going to focus on reading more and listening more to expand my ideas and inspiration for the blog. While listening to a podcast I was taken back to my first blogger conference in Chicago a year and a half ago: Create + Cultivate. Most of the reason I signed up was because of the keynote speaker. I had no idea who she was or what her business was about but I guess they did a great job marketing because she sounded like she had her sh*t together and there was something I could learn from her. Sure enough, it took me until now to really get it…

Garance Dore has been in the biz for years; a fashion blogger pioneer you could say. And though she’s paved the way for many, her success comes down to one single point: be yourself. With no pretense, agenda or gimmick, Garance has stayed true to herself which is likely what has attracted her millions of followers worldwide - including myself. After the conference I found myself not only following her blog but following her around in real life: an event during New York Fashion Week with Cointreau, her book signing at Club Monaco on Bloor Street and I listen to her podcast Pardon my French pretty much exclusively.

The feeling I get listening to her podcast is the same as her thousands of followers have felt for years reading her blog: she is so real. Garance Dore’s podcasts feature guests from designers to artists and authors to actors, mixed in with shorter “pocket” recordings where she talks with her friends about everyday life-related topics. Every episode is thought provoking leaving me inspired to write a blog, read a blog or look at life a little bit differently than I did before. There’s an ease about Garance’s charm and she is simply delightful while being entertaining - and her French accent makes it that much better!

Looking back to the first time I was introduced to Garance Dore, during keynote at Create + Cultivate, one of my notes stands apart from the rest:

“Heart first. Success follows.”

Garance recognized early in her career that being true to herself was the recipe for success. You can feel that her writing, speaking and illustrating (did I mention she can draw too??) come a genuine place. A good reminder that you are the authority on your thoughts and opinion and especially when it comes to blogging, it never hurts to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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