Spring fling

Spring fling

Today marks the first day of spring: the only time of year when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west for everyone across the world. Also known as the vernal equinox, it is determined by the time when the sun crosses over the plane of the earth’s equator making day and night almost exactly equal across the globe. As we all enjoy a corresponding amount of sunlight today, the first day of spring brings with it a little excitement, hope, energy and anticipation of things to come. It offers an opportunity to feel refreshed and rejuvenated as we trade in the boots, scarves and mitts for dresses, sandals and sunglasses. Spring encourages us to get outside and feel alive again. And though the weather may not have warmed up just yet, your accessories can provide a head start to that light and bright feeling that accompany the months ahead.

As we relate the rising sun to new beginnings and fresh starts, this bright ball of fire provided a source of inspiration for Klas squared’s 2018 Spring Collection. We have extended our gold collection to include stand alone pieces as well as mixed metal designs. Our Orbit pieces symbolize timelessness, eternity, completeness - central themes of our jewelry design philosophy. By combining shiny silver and bright gold, we’ve incorporated anchor accessories into the collection for you to mix and match with your current (Klas squared!) jewelry collection. If you’re looking to make a spring statement, try our long Orbit earrings or mix it up with a long/short mismatched pair.

It’s always inspiring to have that one piece that helps make the transition of seasons simple, smooth and stylish. When designing for spring, Lori was reminded of a favourite scarf that was long and narrow with knotted, tasseled ends. This led her to experiment with the materials of our chain earrings in turn creating an all new necklace: The Gold Wrap. This versatile piece provides a refined look with fine gold chain anchored by gold spheres that can be worn numerous ways: wrap it, double it, or tie it to make it your own.

And as the sun comes out, the snow will melt and the rain will fall, giving way to the clear water droplets you’ll find in our Clear Quartz collection. Featuring clear spheres with sprinkles of silver, our necklace and bracelet designs perfectly complement the bright colours, pattern plays and denim designs you’ll find in spring’s best fashion trends. The transparency of these pieces extend further than their fashion allure and reflect the essence of our brand: to encourage and stand alongside powerful women who are clear in their person and purpose. By being transparent about who we are and what we stand for, we can continue to make a difference by creating a community of independent, confident and powerful women.

Which collection theme is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below and shop the Spring Collection now!