Rhythm is a dancer

It has taken time for me to understand that we all have chapters in our lives with no defined beginning or ending. And as they start to overlap we're beginning to weave our own individual story. Over time we meet new people, go new places and are constantly educated by our personal experiences which cause our passions to take new forms and for new opportunities to lead us in a different direction.  It isn't long before our self identity, goals and measures of success start to evolve and grow with us.

As a woman who spent time after high school as a dancer travelling around the world teaching and performing, to graduating university with a biochemistry and business administration degree, eventually taking on the corporate world as an IT sales professional in Toronto and now turned blogger too, my resume reads as either a very confused individual or someone who has so many interests the world is her oyster (I like to think the latter!).

For most of us, we identify ourselves with the job we have or the work we do but does that really define who we are?  After returning from Japan last year and finally getting into a ballet class again, it's as though my former (dancer) life is coming to the present although the person I was then is long gone. I remember catching up with friends from this so-called previous life and their first question was: So, you're not a dancer anymore?  It felt like a blow to my self identity.  For so long, my name and dancer had been synonymous and if I wasn't a dancer, who was I?? But at the same time, had I really stopped being a dancer just because I wasn't actively taking class or teaching? 

Rhythm is a dancer, it's a soul companion, you can feel it everywhere.

It took awhile for me to stop punishing myself for not dancing anymore. The self-realization that it was time to turn the page in my story because there were new opportunities ahead of me was liberating. Being a dancer will always be a part of who I am (I mean, I'm always the first and last one on the dance floor) and it's given me the discipline and skills to be successful at other things. At the end of the day, I want to have made sure I put my best self forward and self-identify as hard working, earnest and courageous regardless of my job title.