My best and worst fashion moment

I remember beginning grade two insisting that I wear the jazz costume from the previous spring’s recital to the first day of school. I couldn’t believe my luck when the weather stayed warm enough for me to sport my neon graphic T and orange short overalls - yes, it was the 80s but everything that’s old is new again (keep reading and you’ll know what I mean). My mother did not approve of my sartorial savvy and rightfully so; her sense of style hadn’t found its way to me yet. But what was more surprising was the fact that I thought the outfit was a good idea. After all, this was the same outfit that led me to my most embarrassing moment to date: pulling my wedgie center stage after tumbling across the floor in overalls. A hard lesson learned that any outfit should both be fashionable and functional.

Regardless, I headed out that day with butterflies in my tummy to match the whimsical design on my sleeves. After all, it was my favourite day of the year: back to school. Whether Grade 2 or Grade 12, and even in university, the first day of school always brought a nervous and excited energy. I absolutely loved going back-to-school shopping getting giddy over new notebooks, pencils, and highlighters. And not much has changed; though I’ve graduated to pens, sticky notes, and file folders (put me in a Staples store and I want it all), I’ve found a new reason to be excited about September: fall fashion. From the moment the issues are on sale in August, you can find me spending hours pouring over magazines and saving them for later (September issues are the only ones I won’t tear out of or throw away). They provide a source of inspiration that goes beyond the seasons changing, transcending the creativity of style by embodying a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning.

This season there is a feeling of nostalgia mixed with futuristic optimism. It’s as though we want to look to our past to inspire the future - perhaps we really can learn from our mistakes? Is the past what informs us of the future? Or maybe it’s not that deep as fashion “trends” continue to take on new and evolving themes focusing on self-expression, self-indulgence, and above all, having fun. And isn’t that what fashion is supposed to be about? A creative playground with an abundance of options where you’re free to be nothing but yourself. In fact, you’re expected to express the very things that make you you. Today there is less of a focus on how fashion makes you look and more on how fashion makes you feel, eliminating the fashion “rules” of the past (white after Labour Day? Yes please!). And on our ever-evolving journey to discover and express our personal style, we have to learn how to take risks along the way. I’ve rounded up my favourite fall fashion trends and hope you feel empowered to try something new this season! Leave a comment sharing a fashion risk you can’t wait to take this season because anything goes - including orange short overalls.

Express yourself in 80s-Madonna-goes-to-prom inspired looks featuring bright colours, oversized silhouettes, and sequins.
Stylist tip: Petites beware - oversized silhouettes can drown your figure but a sequin dress can always bring the life to a party! After all, girls just wanna have fun.

Sophistication meets sensual in standout suiting for fall. Forget “borrowed from the boys” as these pieces are nothing but feminine, powerful, and chic.
Stylist tip: Find a good tailor. Regardless of shape or silhouette, you will look and feel your best when a piece has been perfectly suited for you.

Let out your wild side with fall’s must-have print: anything and everything animal. From jackets and skirts, to gloves and shoes, you’ll find nothing short of primal inspiration.
Stylist tip: Quality over quantity. Don’t compromise texture and material for fast fashion ensembles; best to invest in a quality accessory to start such as a top handle satchel or kitten heels.

Set your sights on the horizon with new-age western inspired designs featuring the usual suspects: fringe, suede, and shearling, and introducing newcomers prairie prints and shiny silver. This palette of rust, black, and silver, promises to pair perfectly with your wardrobe staples.
Stylist tip: Think outside the box in textures such as leather, suede, and statement jewelry. Or if the aforementioned pieces are already in your closet, pick up a pair of chic cowboy boots.

Fashion’s affinity for silk has us seeing scarves carefully crafted to create dresses, skirts, and kimonos in a variety of colours and patterns. If an all-silk ensemble is too far out of your comfort zone, a simple square silk scarf can be knotted inside a collared shirt, incorporated with your bracelet stack, or tied to your handbag to make a personal statement.
Stylist tip: Choose a motif with colours and accents that already match the go-to pieces in your closet whether clothes or accessories.

Let me know your favourite trend-to-try in the comments below or, if you have any style questions, I’m here to answer those too!