Back on the bandwagon

I’ve been missing in action for the past couple of weeks and for that, I apologize. When I set out to launch I was committed to posting once a week to stay connected to my readers and to (hopefully) gain momentum as an influencer. But somewhere I got lost along the way… It could have been in between the trips to California, Las Vegas and Seattle over the past eight weeks, or perhaps winter has taken its toll and a part of my soul with it. No matter how hard I fight it, I’ve come to realize that every February brings me to this place: disconnected, deflated and unmotivated. Something some people would just call SAD - seasonal affective disorder. And this year came with a new twist: a new job.

The last time I started a new job I was also starting my career. I was as green as they come entering the corporate world with no idea what to expect but eager to earn a steady paycheck. But seven years later, I had a completely different perspective starting something new: I was already thinking miles ahead, ensuring what I do now sets me up for success - experience comes with an eye always looking for the next opportunity. Adjusting to a new environment, routine and pace has taken more energy than I’d anticipated. Change is awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes comes with financial consequences which I’ve been sorting through one day at a time. To say I’ve felt overwhelmed at times is an understatement.

Throughout all this, I realized that my creative self was slowly pulling away so I could focus on tackling these new tasks. However, as Sunday approached over the past few weeks and I had nothing to post, I started to wonder if that was in fact contributing to how I was feeling. Maybe I had forgotten one of the main purposes of my blog: to checkin and stay in touch with myself. As I sit here this Sunday morning, I’m reminded how much I’m craving to find that feeling again… the one where I felt like what I was doing was making a difference. Where I felt like I was gaining momentum, acknowledgement and credibility as a writer and influencer. So even though the words aren’t flowing as freely as they sometimes do, I’m committed to posting this today for you to read.

And while I continue on my creative journey, I understand that I’ll continue to hit speed bumps along the way. But isn’t it all about taking what you learned with you as you get back on the bandwagon? For me, the biggest lesson has been forgiveness: taking a deep breath and forgiving myself for having missed a week of writing rather than beating myself up with accusations of failure and disappointment. After all there are still 43 weeks left in the year. That’s 43 blog posts, 43 opportunities to connect with my audience, 43 times I could reach or influence someone new, 43 new Klas squared customers, 43 pieces of jewelry sold. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of perspective, combined with a deep breath and swift kick in the ass, to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

How do you get “back on the bandwagon”? Please share in the comments below!