An unexpected new year

For the first time since graduating from university, I found myself with nothing to do and nowhere to be. I had no responsibilities or commitments just a full week off to do with how I pleased. I thought of the never-ending list of things to do at home, how best to tackle it and I landed on the best possible solution: get out of town. So here I am today writing from Laguna Beach, California where I’ve decided to spend five days to be inspired, to be creative and to connect with myself. It felt like the perfect haven to be isolated in order to take a deep breath, find some peace and calm, and to settle into myself again. After all, now that I’m waiting for my new job to start, what better time to take a vacation then during a week of unemployment?

However, it hasn’t been what I expected. I thought the time, space and sunshine would lead to an epiphany: a clear description of what I was meant to do in 2018. Over the past week I have felt the pressure build as I see post after post and article after article focused on setting your goals for the year and summarizing it in one fateful word. But as I sat down to go through this exercise, the anxiety was only growing and I realized this was not the way I wanted to kick off my new year.

As I wrote last week, any goal you want to achieve starts with one thing: you. And as I sat agonizing over what to write as my “new year’s resolutions”, I realized that none of that mattered if I wasn’t taking care of myself first. The past few months were a challenge as I was gearing up to achieve my annual quota at work, trying to ramp up business for Klas squared for the holidays, all while preparing for an interview that could have a significant impact on my career (and keeping up with the blog, of course). I found myself in survival mode as I balanced (what felt like) multiple lives all at once; it was as if I was going through the motions without really being present. Without being connected, I found my mind foggy and I lacked motivation. So what better time than now to reconnect with myself; to set myself up for success this year by tapping into the three things that to me, embody wellness: my mind, body and soul.

When I take care of my my mind (daily meditation and exercise), my body (eating a plant based diet and again, exercise), and soul (writing, creating, sharing, laughing, loving), I’m at my best. I’m living at an optimum level; nothing can stop me from achieving my goals as I feel less anxiety and more joy and fulfillment. And if I can focus on keeping those three things in balance, my goals for the year will manifest and as they come to me I will have the capacity to dedicate myself to achieving them. It’s as though being open to newness and change is the only true way to make it happen. By checking into these three themes daily, I know I’m creating space to allow great things to come my way.

And though I can’t promise you a bullet-proof plan for having the best year of your life, I can assure you that by finding the space and mindset to be your best, you will undoubtedly kill it in 2018. And as I sign off I realize a goal has already found its place in my plans: retiring by the beach in lovely, sunny, Southern California.

What’s your approach to the new year? Please share in the comments below!