How to make your summer last

Spring always brings with it a breath of fresh air - the feeling of newness, cleanliness, and clarity. And not far behind comes summer with its long light-filled days and lazy haze that gives us time and space to dream and think big. The season of sunshine and heat seem to fuel my creativity providing me with the capacity to give more than any other time of the year. I find myself more open to exploring ideas while uncovering bigger dreams than I’d ever imagined. As a result, the summer has marked major milestones for me such as moving back to Canada, launching my first-ever blog, going all-in as a co-owner of Klas squared. But there is something less tangible than those facts; a familiar energy and mood that finds its way into my psyche every July prompting me to sparking my curiosity and letting my imagination run free.

I’ve discovered that what makes summer special is all the summers that came before. It brings a positive vibe influenced by summers past, as though there is a part of me that can feel what it was like to be a kid again. The feeling of the sun, the water, a cold popsicle on your tongue, immediately transport you back to the days of adventure and endless possibilities. It’s as though past summers and childhood memories have stored themselves in little pockets in my mind, and find a way to open and spill out every sunny season energizing me to explore, learn, and grow as I’m reminded of the freedom to do so. What is it about the summer that makes us feel freer - free to create, to imagine, to dream? Are we reminded of the freedom we had as children? And not only the freedom from responsibility but from expectations, societal standards and pressures. The freedom to think and dream and aspire to be anything because the whole wide world is in front of you and the possibilities are endless. But just because we aren’t in single digits anymore doesn’t mean we can’t capture this energy and use it now. The freedom of curiosity can lead to adventure and discovery - but perhaps now it’s on the inside instead of the outside. Our interests and goals naturally evolve over time but our commitment to ourselves shouldn’t waiver.

For many, this could be the perfect time to listen to that voice in your head that is encouraging you to try something new, to go for that promotion, or to make a change in your life. With the extra energy (and time!) in your summer days, and often vacation, why not take the time to go back to those dreams and aspirations and find out how you can make them part of your life again? For me, it means going to the place that knows me best: Lake of the Woods, where I grew up spending my summers. There’s a little piece of my heart and soul that’s been captured and hidden there, and it pulls me back year after year. It’s the perfect place for me to find space and clarity, in other words a calm mind and open heart: the perfect recipe for creativity. It’s familiarity has created a sense of belonging and every year when I see the lake for the first time, I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. Ever since I was 12 years-old, I have dreamt of having my own little share of the lake; a personal sanctuary that could be shared with family. And as I leave the city for the lake tomorrow, and embark on my second consecutive mother-daughter road trip, I will soon be living that dream while counting on my younger-self to remind me of the treasures that a summer on the lake truly holds.

Let me know in the comments what special traditions you have and share with your loved ones in the summer!