I had a dream

I can still remember returning home after one of the most wonderful summers of my life. I had spent five weeks dancing with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School followed by a week at my favourite summer destination: my grandparent’s camp (or cottage, for those outside of Northwestern Ontario). It was especially perfect because I got to spend that entire week alone with my grandparents; time I still cherish to this day as a grown up. But I wasn’t ready for the news that awaited me at home. Upon landing and being picked up by my parents, I was told that camp was being sold. Much to my mother’s surprise, I spent the whole ride home from the airport crying in her arms. In the middle of my tears I made a silent vow that someday I would have my own piece of the lake to call camp - a special retreat where I knew nothing other than freedom and happiness.

Dreams are interesting things - their persistence and relentlessness keep us coming back to our deepest thoughts and wishes, but at the same time can be fleeting if we don’t hold on tight. Since that fateful day over twenty years ago, I’ve spent most of my summers on the lake always feeling like I left a part of myself behind when it was time to go. This only strengthened my resolve that someday owning a camp of my own would be a reality. I put the wheels in motion to understand how I could make my dream come true. I knew it was a lofty goal but I kept on dreaming and even made a point of writing it down in the spring of last year as I made a list of future aspirations. But reality always has a way of finding its place into our psyche and pushing our dreams aside to make room for the necessary, more menial tasks, of our day-to-day. It takes effort to keep our dreams alive; to see the big picture and go after what we really want and I’ve learned that the power of setting intentions to be truly remarkable. I’ve heard it more than once that by writing it down you are affirming your stake in the game giving the universe the message it needs to unleash its magic and make it happen.

And this summer all feelings of impossibility, distraction, and doubt got flipped upside down when I saw the listing and I knew I had found my little piece of heaven, built to last a lifetime. Before I knew it I was fully committed to buying my camp; the anxiety grew and was soon followed by headaches and bellyaches as I prepared to make an offer. I had never felt this way buying my home but soon realized there was more at stake here - this was an emotional purchase, not a practical one. Then the call finally came to confirm I had made my dream come true - I had officially bought my summer home! Though I was still in shock when I went to bed that night, I could rest on the fact that my soul now had a permanent residence: a camp to call my own. A place where I can seek sanctuary and find peace, while enjoying uninterrupted silence and space. A place where I’m connected to the earth, can listen to my heart and soul, and for my mind to be free to dream and to create.

Because isn’t life all about pursuing your dreams? Whether they come to you as a child or grown up, are practical or fanciful, and are in the shape of an idea or a goal, I truly believe that we each have the power to make anything happen. I was a long time skeptic of the theory that goals could be affirmed by being written down and said out loud. But I’ve learned that in order to live the life I want to live, I have to be clear in my intentions while being open to taking things as they come. And I will continue to keep my list of goals (and dreams) up to date, without fear of the unknown but with the knowledge that it shouldn’t be taken lightly - because what you thought was a most impossible dream, might just come true…

What are you dreaming of? Please share by writing it in the comments below!