How to stay motivated in pursuing your passion

With the middle of the year approaching, I find myself taking a step back to understand where I am on my path to finding my place and my purpose in this big beautiful world. This blog has created endless opportunity for me to explore ideas and emotions to better understand who I am now and who I want to be. It has guided me to understand and identify my successes and areas for improvement - not an easy task but one that keeps me challenged to live a better, more fulfilled life. I’m eager to continue to share my stories with a broader audience and am yearning to take my writing to the next level… but where to start? By looking at the very beginning.

Last week I attended a talk featuring female entrepreneurs local to the city of Toronto. With a room full of (mostly) women, it was an obvious opportunity to network but I had my sights on the guests of honour, including the host of the event. As I waited to introduce myself, I realized that at one point, this would have been something that didn’t come naturally. I had attended these types of events before and always felt like I didn’t belong. Having been in sales for almost eight years, I’ve learned how to effortlessly introduce myself to people I’ve never met. However, in the past when my personal brand was on the line, the stakes were much much higher and I felt myself more reserved and uneasy. Sharing something so close to your heart and soul leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable, even more so when you’re sharing your personal project with someone face to face and not behind the computer screen. But something felt different this time around…

For the first time in a long time, I felt established in my brand and proud of the work I had done. After years struggling over what to write, what to post, wondering whether or not people would read it and if it was all worth anything, I recognized that I had created something real. My website shared stories and content that made people relate to something, feel something, inspire something. If you went to my site or social media platforms, I’m proud of what I’ve produced and created out of nothing. I was reminded that regardless of the size or reach of my blog, I had been dedicated to showing up and continuing to provide my readers with content worth reading - and now I was more than confident in sharing that with anyone I met. I realized that I’d in fact been talking about my blog and ownership in Klas squared more openly for months without even realizing it.

As someone who can be extremely impatient, I’m constantly frustrated with the progress of my blog and being a writer. I want to do more, to see more, to do more. I’ve had to remind myself how far I’ve come. How many times I’ve reworked my site, looked back on outfits that were not me, fought with the internal demons that tell me I can’t do this. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for the things we could’ve, should’ve, done. Why do we forget to pat ourselves on the back for the accomplishments and progress we have made? At Klas squared, we continue to encourage each other to recognize our “small wins” because if we only focused on all of the big, overwhelming projects we’re working on, we would quickly fall back into that spiral of self doubt that never leads to being productive.

We all have something we want to try, to learn, to share; a hobby, interest or project that we’re passionate about. Perhaps your creative pursuit isn’t as public as a blog, but it doesn’t mean that it is any less important and not worth pursuing. It is also likely that you’ve met speed bumps along the way and felt frustrated and discouraged. Listening to these women entrepreneurs speak about their journeys reminded me that the first step is showing up. Something I need to remind myself of everyday. There are so many great ideas floating around out there but it takes dedication, hard work and passion to put them into practice. Everyday we have to dig deep to find the energy and guts to put ourselves out there. So next time you get stuck remember where you started and how far you’ve come, recognize and reward yourself for the progress you’ve made, and keep persevering: it all takes time! Because when the alternative is to sit back and watch the world go by… carpe diem!

How do you stay motivated to pursue your passions?