The Power of Two

It isn’t often that the answer is right there in front of you. That all of the hours spent thinking, dreaming and planning finally come together organically. It is easy to acknowledge you are ready for a change but defining the next chapter in our evolution always proves to be a challenge. After spending a decade growing a jewelry design brand into something that resonated with powerful women across the globe, how did you take it to the next level? How to find the fuel to grow? Where to find the right person that could help move Klas squared in the right direction while providing a powerful partnership? The answer, my mom found, was close to home.

Today we toast to a new partnership at Klas squared between two women and two friends: mother and daughter Lori Schmidtke and Kirsten Schmidtke. As we have always been supportive and involved in each other’s creative pursuits, it was only natural that we come together to grow the Klas squared brand. My mom (Lori’s) vision for design and composition paired with my business background and dreams of the future, provide the perfect synergy for growth and innovation. With our strengths complementing each other, we are perfectly paired to bring out the best of what each has to offer.

Lori’s lifetime commitment to a career in fashion strongly influenced me to take on new creative pursuits. After encouraging her to style her jewelry on people rather than forms, I decided to learn more about the biz by enrolling in a fashion styling course at Ryerson University’s, my mom’s alma mater. I quickly embraced a love for fashion building a brand and blog, Kiki Petite Style, to share my style and ideas. I also began contributing to Klas squared’s blog and working closely with my mom on creative projects. Through this process, my mom was inspired by a fresh perspective which influenced designs in her past two collections. We felt by partnering with one another, Klas squared could reach its potential and purpose as a brand.

By coming together, my mom and I are further defining the focus of Klas squared and the future direction of the brand. At Klas squared, we believe that women are powerful; that we are in control of the women we are and the women we want to be regardless of our age. Building a strong partnership as mother and daughter is only one step in building a strong community of women because together, we are stronger. We want women to feel empowered to express themselves through fashion and have the confidence to always be trying something new in the evolution of their personal style. Fashion accessories have the power to elevate a simple outfit to a signature look: your personal style that tells a story about who you are and what you believe in. Our designs encourage women to be confident in their approach to fashion and to wear our pieces as part of their armour in taking on each day. And as we strongly believe in taking care of each other, this also includes taking care of our planet. Klas squared continues to use sustainable processes, practices and materials in designing each collection to ensure we are making the world a better place. In designing Klas squared, we continue to create a community of independent, confident and powerful women.

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