New Year, Be You

Today I’m getting a head start on the New Year by writing a new post to kick-off 2018. As the holidays approached this December, I lost some momentum when I had to put my writing on hold as a professional pursuit took priority (more on that later) and it has been difficult to get back on the writing-bandwagon. But with a New Year around the corner, in a matter of hours in fact, there is no time like the present to dig my heels in and get going again!

On the eve of a New Year, I can’t help but join the masses in reflecting and considering the year of 2017. In fact, about half way through the year I started making a list of all the things I had done and actions I had taken to achieve my goals up to that point. It was an effort to make myself feel better as I was frustrated that I wasn’t seeing results for my efforts. But as the year wraps up I’m reminded that things take time and I did, in fact, accomplish what I set out to do and then some. I don’t remember setting out with any particular intention last year, but when I look back I can sum it up in one word: ownership. In 2017 I decided it was time to be accountable for the decisions I had made that had led to the situations I was in and provided me with opportunities ahead. And if I noticed something along the path that was not in line with my goals or expectations, it was time to take ownership and course correct. This led to new friends and mentors, an extensive branding exercise and the launch of a new blog, joining my mom professionally at Klas squared, attending a variety of networking events leading to a new financial advisor, a great consulting session (and subsequent pop-up shop invitation), a girlboss group and a side-hustle support system. I tried new things some of which I enjoyed more than others (I’ve become a firm believer in the power of meditation but still can’t get into spinning as a regular form of exercise). And though I haven’t restricted anything from my diet, I learned that eating vegan leads to my most happy self inside and out.

But enough about 2017, what does this mean for the year ahead? For me it starts with looking back on lessons learned, acknowledging successes along the way and then raising the bar. It means challenging myself to achieve new goals while accepting my limits. I’ve learned to stop focusing on perfection, mastering multi-tasking and to let go of the fear of missing out. Instead I’ve reset my expectations to be in line with my goals and focused my energy on pursuing success professionally including my creative projects, spending time with great people and putting myself in uncomfortable situations to learn, grow and prosper. In the past, I looked at the New Year as an opportunity to tackle something big and ambiguous and always came up short. I wasn’t clear about my intention and lacked the understanding that all big things come from little steps along the way. And often the most important of those steps includes discovering more about yourself and how you can improve to build the life you want to live. If I’ve learned one thing in this journey, it’s that being your truest self is what leads to health, happiness and all-around wellness. So, join me in toasting to 2018 and doing out with “New Year, New You” and in with “New Year, Be You”!

Please share your thoughts on the New Year in the comments below. Happy 2018!!