A Diary from New York City

This week in New York has been like no other. We nailed it this time hitting up all our favourites and must sees…

The spirit of this city is contagious… it fills your soul with this incredible feeling of possibility and invincibility. I felt it the first moment I ever set foot on those glamorous grimy sidewalks almost twenty years ago… there is a buzz in the atmosphere and it’s not from whatever the guy on the street corner is smoking. There has always been something about this city that draws me in, tires me out and yet always leaves me wanting more.


Our adventure started with a stroll around Soho and a stop at Outdoor Voices - the coveted athleisure apparel that I’d been dying to get my hands on. Haven’t you heard about Tyler Haney? It’s time you do. Talk about nailing your brand, image and purpose as a company. And not to mention the leggings fit and feel like a second skin and I loved the cropped Ts so much I left with two!

Then we stumbled upon a new favourite hot spot which led to a veggie burger obsession at by Chloe. A popular joint with multiple locations and the most delicious guacamole burger you’ve ever had. They also feature air bagged french fries (delicious!) and to-die-for cookies. Hard to believe this place is vegan and includes gluten free options!!

But you only live once, so we headed to the place where we could find the most butter, sugar and all things yummy: The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Though they also have vegan and gluten free options, I went all in with a slice of Dreaming Princess - the title was fitting and the cake was even better!

Next it was off to Come From Away - the musical that has stolen the hearts of all Canadians.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that many emotions all crammed into 100 minutes. It reinforced the need to be caring, giving and generous, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, sex, race, religion, etc. It not only made you proud to be Canadian but proud to be a human. It’s amazing what we are capable of with a little bit of compassion.


Though the city is known to never sleep, New York City sure likes to sleep in on weekends. Nothing here starts on Sunday until 11am so we enjoyed a much-deserved late snooze before we were off to visit another one of our favourites: Rubirosa. The best Italian restaurant we’ve ever experienced but clearly we aren’t the only ones who have caught on. Unable to get a reservation for weeks, we were lucky to walk in for brunch and enjoyed gluten free (and gluten generous) dishes including mozza sticks, the most amazing pesto pizza you’ve ever had and a carbonara like no other. The bellinis and red wine weren’t bad either.

With full tummies and a bit of a buzz, we wandered around surprised to find places we’d never been before. Among them included my new favourites: Upton - a custom-made belt store for the most difficult accessory to size, Carré D'Artistes - the home of the painting that is meant to live in my house, and Stick With Me - the most beautiful chocolates you’ve ever seen!

After an indulgent day of eating and shopping, we enjoyed leftover pizza and dessert in bed while we prepared for Monday…


Monday was dedicated to Klas squared and I’ve never felt more proud of what we’ve done. I woke up early that morning to put into words the themes and inspiration that embody the Spring Collection. Never before have I felt so connected to the designs and their transcendence beyond fashion. With the blog under my belt and feeling full of inspiration, I set out to tackle a New York City bucket list item that has always eluded me: a run in Central Park. Though it wasn’t as eventful as those on TV or in movies, I felt re-fueled by the (not-so) fresh air, clear blue skies and sunshine.

Onto a working lunch back at my new favourite vegan spot - I’m still dreaming of ways to recreate that guacamole burger! - and soon it was time for final Facebook/Instagram Live prep. The Archer Hotel provides a fantastic view from their Spyglass Rooftop and they were gracious enough to let us film from there. (If you didn’t get a chance to see it, head over to the Klas squared FB page now even if you only watch the first 30 seconds for the view!)

I was high on life as we headed out to wrap up the day at dinner with an old friend. And I mean that in every sense of the word - I’ve known her forever and we’re getting old. At least we see it that way since we can count three decades of friendship, hundreds of great memories and millions of laughs.


I was then consumed by work and snowstorms but that didn’t stop me from attending my first ever comedy show at the Comedy Cellar. They’re known from time to time to have a celebrity comedian stop by but I was still shocked to see Amy Schumer as she stood less than ten feet away from me reminding us of her supermodel status. Though I still can’t decide if the show or Insomnia Cookie was the best part of the night…


The trip home was uneventful and wearing as the excitement and energy of the past few days had taken its toll. I actually don’t remember the plane taking off as I was passed out in my seat, my head nodding before the plane took off. But regardless of the late nights, long busy days, and exercise of my credit card, I feel a lightness in my step, a sparkle in my eye and a re-awakened spirit. It’s the one city that leaves me both exhausted and rejuvenated. It’s up to you, New York, New York.

What are your favourite things to do in NYC?? Let me know so I can include them in my next trip!